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About us

About us

Timbers (formerly Botvin) Imports and markets wood products intended for carpentry, pergola, deck and roofing tile. The company also manufactures DYI products.

Generations in the company The tight relationship with the wooden industry has started on 1949 by Mr. Izhak Botvin RIP, one of the establishers of the wooden branches in Israel. During the 50th and 60th years of the previous century Izhak Botvin has built thousands of wooden roofs in Rehovot area and distant areas as well. On 1972, Mr. Moshe Botvin RIP, the son of Izhak, has replaced his father and took over the company management. Moshe has created diverse industrial relationships in the areas of wood and construction industry in Israel, and based it as the leading company in the market today. Now days the company is leader by Mr. Dan Botvin, the grandson of Izhak, who incorporates the values of tradition and progress, while taking close care on quality and service.

In 60 years of doing, 3 generation of the family and a family of customers, Timbers. leads tradition of wood culture. The deep understanding in the area, great knowledge and the ability to direct and advice with kindness and a smile, we accompany tens of thousands of our customers.

In the recent years we have become professionals in importing, marketing and processing of wood from wide range of suppliers around the world, and added to our wide range of products, a green ecology product by personal import – a bamboo wood intended for different works as decks, pergola, covering and more.

We will be happy to be part of fulfilling your plans, escort, advice and recommend on professionals, supervise work procedures and most important – provide you with quality wood.

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